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Dynamic Capability, System (Re-)Design, and Resilience

Explore the topic ‘Strategy and Communication for Innovation’ and how people and businesses will better interact, lead and prosper in the digital age. Learn what it takes to re-think and re-focus in leadership, HR, and business development to successfully manage system dynamics, communicate for innovation and build impactful (new) digital businesses.

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Communication Excellence | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann


Communication Model Design

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Communication Excellence | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann


Growth 2.0 Training

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Communication Excellence | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann


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Communication Model Design

Bringing New Ideas to Fruition

The communication model design describes the rationale of how individuals or organizations create value through communication, reach different markets, and successfully link a strategy approach to a communication approach to achieve goals. It is a visual, agile strategic management tool for developing, challenging and presenting new or documenting existing communication models (linked to a business model, strategic design).

The template 'Communication Model Design' helps individuals to learn the powerful technique in a pragmatic and visual way and better understand how to translate business models and new strategies into successful action.

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Springer Publication

Growth 2.0 - Leadership, Empowerment, System Design | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

The third edition 'Strategy and Communication for Innovation' provides guidance for managers seeking to understand the diverse ways by which they can leverage communication to accelerate innovation in the digital economy. Read more...

Growth 2.0 - Leadership, Empowerment, System Design | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

Innovation communication is not just a buzzword or shortcut to succeed in the open, digital innovation economy. Innovation communication is a learned skill set to successfully lead interactive organizations and productive, self-directed teams. It is a commitment to grow ideas, talents and businesses through communication (management).

Innovation Communication Program | Dr. Nicole Pfeffermann

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